For the queens of clubs

For the queens of clubs

Text: Brenna Buckwald // Photography: Foray Golf LLC

Though many products in the golf industry historically have been made by and for men, one company has recently stepped onto the fairway, in disruptive and stylish fashion. Foray Golf LLC, a women’s golf apparel company founded by Megan LaMothe in 2016 and based in New York City, is ran by a team of six women set to design clothing fit for female golfers—offering comfort, style, and female empowerment for out on the course.

“When we say, ‘we are a group of six women,’ we are literally a group of six women doing this. In our core it is just us and we are designing for us,” LaMothe said.

LaMothe named the women’s fashion company after her daughter, Ray, and noted that she hopes to show her daughter how hard work can transfer to success through her female-led company. While Foray Golf is setting an example for little girls everywhere, it is also establishing that women have a place in what is often considered a man’s sport. By providing women with high-quality, stylish, and comfortable clothing that performs out on the course, Foray Golf is an assurance that there is a support system for female golfers.

“A lot of times other companies are designed by men, and they put you in a box of what men think women should wear,” LaMothe said. “I am really close with the customer from doing all the customer service, and I am literally talking to them every day. We listen, and we care, and we’re fitting for ourselves.”

On June 2, 2021 Foray Golf released its new line called Folk Festival Collection. The collection features a few pieces colored a crisp white, including a long-sleeve mesh polo, as well as skirts and a sleeveless polo in a lace print. The clothing line also has some colorful skirts available with two bright designs, including a pattern coated in colorful beads of bright teal, orange, and red; and another that features a cool-toned, tie-dye design with pops of yellow and burgundy.

Along with the new collection, the company has also started a new concept this summer providing customers with standalone limited-edition pieces that are not part of a bigger range. Inspired by the prospect of utilizing excess materials rather than creating waste by tossing them away, Foray Golf has begun Friday drops of individual pieces—a sale they have coined as Summer Fridays, named after the half-days of work that some businesses in New York City allow employees to take during the warmer months. Many of the Summer Fridays’ releases have approximately 50 available units for sale, although LaMothe noted that they have one Summer Fridays drop that has just five pieces in stock.

“One of the things we hate doing is ruining the environment, so we started thinking about it as, ‘we have this inventory of raw materials, let’s use it and make it into something,’” LaMothe said.

The first Summer Friday release was a graffiti print skirt that sold out in less than 24 hours. Since then, the company has released a couple more limited-edition designs, one being a tiger print skirt available in two colors, and the other is a skirt featuring an abstract print of clouds and florals, called Cloud Floral.

Earlier this year, in the collection “Queen,” the fashion company launched their latest icon, the Queen of clubs. Currently, the royalty logo is presented on golf balls, hats, golf gloves, and other apparel and accessories. Foray Golf partnered with Dormie Golf Workshop, a company based in Nova Scotia, Canada created by PGA Canada members Jeff Bishop and Todd Bishop, to create headcovers embellished with the same Queen icon on them.

“For us, as a women’s brand working in a men’s industry, it is a very subtle line to tow, because we believe in the sisterhood. We believe in women, but we also understand that changes come incrementally, as much as sometimes it can be frustrating,” LaMothe said.

“The Queen of clubs is this icon of female empowerment on the course. We worked hard on her expression to make her not look confused as to why she is holding a club or like she is going to hurt you with the club. It’s a subtle balance of being powerful and feeling strong,” LaMothe added.

A few new collections are on the way with targeted releases toward the end of summer and during the fall season. Customers of Foray Golf can also keep a lookout for a collaboration between the apparel business and TRUE Linkswear, a company founded in 2010 and based in Tacoma, Washington specializing in high quality footwear for golfers. The shoe design will incorporate the Queen icon.

Launching this fall, a new clothing collection will also feature two different butterfly prints. LaMothe indicated that while one of the patterns is a clear depiction of a butterfly, the other print is more abstract, interruptive, and to her, one of the most exciting prints the company has ever created.

For Lamothe, one of the special things about her company is that they have been able to use social media to support young women in golf. At random times, via Instagram, the company promotes a sample sale to their 75 percent female audience of about 11,000 followers.

“The consumer age tends to be much younger on Instagram, and so it rewards a lot of our younger up-and-coming future-leader-gals with a really cool piece that they can get for basically nothing; less than it costs me to make,” LaMothe said.

“Even at the level of what our company is named, is motivation for us to continue to support authentically who our golfer is. We have not gone into tennis and we have not gone into ski. There is a real reason—we really believe in female golfers,” LaMothe added.