TrackMan Range comes to Boyne Highlands

TrackMan Range comes to Boyne Highlands

Text: R. Collins

TrackMan golf technology has redefined training for golfers of all calibers, bringing cutting-edge monitoring systems to the course as well as simulation space. Already an avid proponent for TrackMan products, across its golf course properties, Boyne Golf will introduce TrackMan’s Range technology this spring within the Boyne Highlands’ Ross Golf Center in Harbor Springs, Michigan. The Range technology will be utilized in a comprehensive 30-bay setup at the Golf Center’s driving range, enabling players of all skill levels to practice things like shot-shaping and distance control, though eight essential data points for shots are offered in all, making it a powerful tool for practice and improvement.

“TrackMan Range will provide a great opportunity for our guests to enjoy the range at the Ross Golf Center at Boyne Highlands,” said Ken Griffin, director of golf sales and marketing at Boyne Resorts. “It provides great information for those looking to improve their game through that kind of data that isn’t typically available at a range, but even more importantly, TrackMan Range is going to allow us to get to new golfers and even non-golfers.”

Users at the Ross Golf Center can utilize TrackMan Range to play a full round of golf or try on-course practice; they can even play some of the world’s best courses, such as five of Boyne Golf’s championship-caliber courses like Bay Harbor Golf Club, The Heather, and Arthur Hills. The free TrackMan Range app offers a variety of practice and entertainment options, from games like Bulls Eye and Capture the Flag to live leaderboard tournament hosting for team building and engagement. 

“You [can] have that technology on all 30 bays just by buying a bucket of balls,” Griffin said.

An advantage of TrackMan Range’s interactive, enjoyable, and educational components is it will offer something new for golfers seeking to get outdoors throughout the summer and enjoy the game of golf in new ways. When used in unison with the Highland’s existing GEARS Club and Body Tracking System—a state-of-the-art program tracking both club and body movement—those seriously committed to improved play can track their movement from backswing to where the ball finally touches down. Those just testing the waters of the game in general can also utilize TrackMan Range to study the effects of their movement on the ball. 

“We just think it’s a great opportunity to get people out to the golf course no matter what their level of interest is. It gives them another opportunity to get out and play,” Griffin said. “You don’t even have to be good at Putt Putt to have fun on this thing.”

There are no reservations required yet to use the 30-bay system, and access is granted on a first-come, first-serve basis, with seasonal passes offering unlimited use. Additional buckets of 60 range balls are available at the course pro shop for $25, and beverages are available at the 55th Tee and Seminole Pub. Whether coming out for an evening of spontaneous fun with friends or working with TrackMan on the range in anticipation of playing Boyne Highland’s series of nationally-renowned courses—such as The Heather or Donald Ross Memorial—golfers can find something to enjoy and utilize in Boyne’s latest asset to its enthusiastic golf repertoire.