EquityAir Membership Program

EquityAir Membership Program

The story of Muskegon-based aircraft charter and flight services provider Flyby Air began in the 1960s and continues today with a devotion to international jet and charter flight service. Through its three base locations and access to all major airports, plus nearly 3,000 other airports in smaller nationwide communities, the company saves clients time and money through its vast network while they enjoy the experience of aircraft like the Lear 45, KingAir 100, and Cessna 414.  

A new subgroup to the company, EquityAir, is a game-changing new presence in the flight services market for Michigan as well, though its areas of service reach much farther than the Great Lakes State. The group is offering a new membership-based air travel program—the only one of its kind in the state—that will provide more financially accessible options for private, shared member flight in a time when commercial flying has become more hazardous.  

One of the lowest-priced membership programs in the nation, the EquityAir Membership Program offers access to desirable destinations at predetermined rates that don’t change, and travel costs are reduced further by sharing flights with other members. Even before takeoff, the program has a multitude of benefits, such as avoiding TSA lines and other potential COVID-19 precautionary measures. This enables members to arrive unhurried and to reduce their own exposure to pathogens by diminishing nearly all touchpoints throughout air travel centers.  

After landing, EquityAir’s membership program will offer users a bevy of ground transportation and trip coordination services to round out a logistically turn-key travel experience. Between its cost, time, and health savings, and the general pleasantness of consistent, unrushed air travel, EquityAir’s new membership program is a unique, convenient fixture in Michigan’s air travel market, especially when paired the state’s one-of-a-kind golf opportunities. Come this spring, EquityAir plans to offer golf and travel incentives packages tailored to those seeking new ways to experience dream destinations and their personal favorites.

Images courtesy EquityAir