New company introduces handcrafted accessory that fits like a glove

New company introduces handcrafted accessory that fits like a glove

Text: R. Collins

Michigan’s golfing industry welcomed a new addition to the field as of May 1, 2019 when North Coast Golf Company introduced its premium golf gloves designed for the modern golfer—and its brand that seeks to redefine the classic accessory with signature styles and one-of-a-kind comfort. 

Established in Port Huron, Michigan, North Coast Golf Company, or North Coast Golf Co., is the product of an appreciation for northern Michigan’s unique courses, serene backdrops, and a desire to make the most comfortable and stylish golf gloves in the game. The gloves, which feature premium leather and subtle style features, have already gained traction with golfers, bloggers, golf instructor pros, and even some professionals, according to Matt Fernandez, founder of North Coast Golf Co.

“Many gloves are made from thicker leather and get ‘crusty’ easily. We also offer some added style that most other glove companies out there don’t even think of,” Fernandez said. “We’ve had a plethora of reviews saying this is the softest, most comfortable, and best-feeling glove they’ve ever used.”

Though new-to-market, North Coast Golf Co. has been an effort in the making for some time. It was during a golf trip to northern Michigan nearly two years ago that the North Coast team—which has spent many summers adventuring “up north” to play golf—realized none its members’ own gloves were satisfying their individual style or comfort needs. As a result, they have made a variety of tweaks to the traditional golf glove to create North Coast Golf Co.’s own comfortable designs. 

Breathable Cabretta leather paired with terry cloth sweatbands provide lightweight moisture resistance; and a deep-cut thumb, extended Velcro, and tightened stitching on the premium leather for a refined fit on each glove. 

“The crafting process isn’t specifically different than other brands, although [we] use a better leather combined with expert craftsmanship to make a more comfortable and tighter fitting glove,” Fernandez said. “We also source our leather from one of the best tannery’s in the world, offering a thin, silky feel that conforms to the hand perfectly. It’s also extremely lightweight.”

The Michigan-based firm’s glove designs are also inspired by the region’s famous coastlines and waterways. The Whitecap takes its name from the Great Lakes’ white-capped waves and features a modern, all-white design; while The Nautical and The Navy Nassau bear traditional features like deep navy wrist cuffs. 

Eventually, the firm aims to produce other accessories that perform similarly, and they already have a series of limited-edition gloves in the works for next spring that will feature different leather colors and era-inspired details.