Dusting the clubs

Dusting the clubs

Text: Greg Johnson

A Grand Rapids-based golf course is offering a new winter golf training program.

People in Michigan are often quick to tuck their golf clubs away in the winter, but Gary Smithson, PGA Professional and director of Golf at The Mines Golf Course in Grand Rapids, is giving golfers a reason to keep them at the ready.

Smithson and Bradley Steffen, PGA professional, are offering a 2018 Winter Golf Training Program at The Mines through February of next year.

Gary Smithson

“We installed an indoor net in our clubhouse and we will have the same lessons available indoors that we teach outdoors the rest of the year,” Smithson said. “People can keep their clubs out, some and work on some things, stay flexible and be ready to go in the spring.”

The program costs $99 and consists of three 45-minute golf lessons, including video analysis, and they will be taught by Smithson or Steffen.

“We can tailor to specific needs, and we can work on some of those bigger things that the golfer might not have had the chance or time to work on in the middle of the golf season,” Smithson said. “At minimum, this gives the golfer a chance to do something, look forward to the activity, and have us take a look at it on video.”

Smithson, who just finished his second golf season at The Mines, said the Winter Golf Training Program is part of the additional things he and his staff and tried to add for golf customers.

“We almost doubled our golf instruction from the first year to the second, we try to keep our website updated with things that are going on, have demonstration days, and things like that,” Smithson said. “We want to expose The Mines to more people. It’s really a cool place, close to downtown with a good golf course.”

Golfers interested can contact The Mines at 616-791-7544 most winter days between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.; or contact either Smithson or Steffen.

2018 Winter Golf Program

  • Series of three 45-minute golf lessons for $99
  • All lesson packages include video analysis
  • All winter lessons must be used before March 1, 2018
  • Lessons are taught by PGA Golf Professionals