Burnished: leaves, harvest, and golf

Burnished: leaves, harvest, and golf

Courtesy Crystal Mountain

Text: R.J. Weick

While summer—that glorious season of warm sunlight and beckoning freshwater waves—holds the hearts of many, autumn is a season for poets. As the leaves begin to turn and crispness settles in the late afternoon air, there is a subtle shift throughout the region as days shorten and evenings stretch toward a coming chill.

It is a season of reflection and celebration, when the harvest ripens into palate-sating culinary spreads, thirst-quenching cider and microbrew beer, and richly full wines. When the nearly 19 million acres of wooded land throughout Michigan unfurl into a brilliant tapestry of warm colors—crimson, orange, gold, pink, and yellow—the landscape alights with its annual display, and residents and visitors are drawn to the open road to catch a glimpse of the living artwork.


Full text available in our digital issue of The Golf Explorer: A Fade Into Autumn